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Comic Arts Los Angeles was nice.

I am lucky.

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I Wish You A Lucky Day


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CicLAvia to the Sea – Skateboarding the Streets of Los Angeles

Theo and his dad (me) skateboard on the streets of downtown Los Angeles during LA’s 6th Ciclavia.

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Theo and his dad skateboard on the streets of downtown Los Angeles during LA’s 5th Ciclavia.

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Stratosphere by Jory™
Stratosphere, a photo by Jory™ on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
An iPad drawing I just completed for a teenager who plays guitar. He plays a Fender Stratocaster, natch.

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Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink by Jory™
Kitchen Sink, a photo by Jory™ on Flickr.

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Stuff that’s funny


I want more stuff that’s made to look like other stuff. I want more cars that are shaped like shoes. I want more buildings that are made to look like a hat. Or a shoe. More shoes that look like kittens and more kittens dressed up to look like fish.

Why? Because it’s funny.

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I am exhausted


The Sun Valley Writers Conference was amazingly wonderful, inspiring and intense. Now I am ready to just sleep. Thank you, Idaho.

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A note from my daughter

tight lipped left fingered frog gloved salt shaken band faded hour turned boot clobbered ring chopped coffee skittered pan cobbled

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Don’t Sleep

Frank Ocean - Channel OrangeFrank Ocean – Channel Orange.

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The Weirdo Show

Season 1, Episode 3. A contest is held to create a slogan for Mud Pies.

More at The Weirdo Show

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Spherikal by Ion

This is good.

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Look At This.

Look At This Drawing
Look at this drawing. I am making drawings and here, I post this one for you to look at. Look at it.

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Jory (disambiguation)

Yo soy jory para no estoy
Nova Y Jory

Fernando Sierra, better known as “Jory” was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and raised in the Residencial Torres de Sabana.


Jory Felice, also known as “Jory” was born in Long Beach, California, and raised in the Residencial Reseda de California.

From the Wikipedia:
Nova & Jory, are a reggaeton duo. They are working on their debut album Mucha Calidad which after a couple set backs and push dates, it will officially be released on July 12, 2011.

You can follow Nova Y Jory on Twitter here: twitter.com/novayjory

You can follow Jory (me) on Twitter here: twitter.com/jory

I am Jory, Jory I am not.

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